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The Albert Lea Lakers sign Liam Spence from Central Arizona College! Liam is a 6’2 175 Lb, freshman IF from Geelong, Australia. Liam is currently hitting an impressive .392 with 2 HRs, 6 2B’s, and 2 3B’s. He is the starting 2B for Central Arizona. Liam’s brother Josh Spence, pitched in the Major Leagues for the San Diego Padres for 2 seasons.
“Liam is a great pick-up and a complete steal this close to summer season. I am very fortunate Coach Perez from Central Arizona helped us out. I think Liam is going to have a great summer for us, he’s used to swinging wood. In Australia, and in Central Arizona’s conference, wood bats are regularly swung. He’s a great middle infielder with good hands, and has a lot of speed on the bases. He’s got good pop in his bat and hits for average very well. I’m excited to have him. He’s going to be a spark plug for us in the top of the order. He has a bright future in the game of baseball, and I am excited to have him!” – Coach Keeran

Come watch Liam this summer at Hayek Field! Welcome to the #LakeShow Liam!

Australian RHP signs with Albert Lea

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Australian RHP Mackenzie Pearson signs with the Albert Lea Lakers! The sophomore from Gold Coast, Australia is currently the game one pitcher for the Waldorf University Warriors. Pearson had a notable start against Peru State going 5 innings striking out 7 while only giving up 2 runs. The 6’0 175 lb Pearson is expected to make an impact for Waldorf this season.
“Mac is a guy who’s had a little bit of an up and down season so far for Waldorf, but I think he’s going to be someone who improves with game experience. He’s going to get a lot of experience being in Waldorf’s rotation. I think he has a bright future for Waldorf and will be a key component of their success. I am happy to have him play for us this summer, and I think he’ll be a guy who can give us some depth. We’ve got a lot of talented pitchers so I don’t know yet if he will be in our rotation or bullpen, but either way he will help us win ball games. Tautges, Schuermann, and Hughes are all really good coaches at Waldorf so I am sure Mac will be ready to go against some of the best by summer.” – Coach Keeran
Pearson will join current Waldorf teammates Mitchell Keeran, and Joey Ponder in Albert Lea this summer.
Everyone welcome Mackenzie Pearson to the #LakeShow!


Albert Lea Lakers sign stand-out catcher Easton Kirk. Kirk is a 6 foot, 210 pound freshman at Wallace State CC. Kirk currently leads the Lions in a variety of offensive categories including HR’s with 6 so far in 14 games. Kirk also has over 20 RBI’s and is hitting close to .500. Kirk won the 2016-17 Power Showcase HR derby, a nationwide HR derby. Wallace State is one of the best JUCO baseball teams in the country and are currently 12-1-1. Easton also was an All-State player at Piedmont High School in Alabama.
“Easton is a great sign and is one of the guys I am really excited about. He’s an unreal talent with a lot of potential. He will be an everyday guy in our line-up in the 3 or 4 hole. He can play a lot of different positions, so that will make it easy on me to keep his bat in the line-up every day. He’s a very athletic catcher and knows the game extremely well. Everything I have seen, heard, and read about him makes me excited to watch him play and coach him. It’s going to be a lot of fun throwing BP to these guys this summer and watching the balls fly out of the park every day. Easton is one of those guys who has plus power and bat control. I think he will be playing professional baseball in years to come.” – Coach Keeran

Albert Lea Lakers 2018 Schedule

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2018 Season Schedule

31. At Chillicothe

1. Bancroft home
2. At Bancroft
3. SL home
6. Carroll home
7. At SF
8. SF home
9. At SL
10. At Ames
13. SF home
15. SL home
16. At Bancroft
17. At Carroll
21. At Bancroft
22. At Carroll
23. Ames home
24. Bancroft. Home
28. Ames home
29 at. Ames
30. At Bancroft

1. Ames home
3. SL home
5 Carroll home
6. At SF
7. SF home
8. SF home
11. Bancroft home
13. At SL
14. Carroll home
15. Ames home
18. At SL
19. Bancroft home
20. Ames home
21. At Ames
22. All-Star Game, HR Derby, Pro Day At Carroll
25. At SF
26. At SF
27. At Carroll

Playoffs start on July 28


Jordan was a gold glove catcher in the CCCBCA while he was at Citrus College, a junior college in California. He was also a 2nd team All-Western State Conference-East selection hitting .297 in college. He threw out 19 runners, while sporting a .982 fielding percentage behind the dish. When he was at Providence Christian College he hit .303. He also had another phenomenal defensive season having a .978 fielding percentage while throwing out 13 runners. He was a 3 year starter in high school, winning the teams defensive MVP his last two seasons. He is in his Junior season at NAIA powerhouse Hope International University where he expects to get starting time behind the plate.
“Jordan is a great talent behind the plate. He has a great arm and pop time. I’m going to give him quite a bit of freedom calling pitches and managing the pitchers when he catches. He will be a big boost in controlling the run game. I think he’s had a great career so far, and I think he still has great baseball ahead of him. He’s a hard worker and great young man. He’ll be a great guy to have around this summer. I’m excited to coach him.” – Coach Keeran